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Rex Niimoto DC and the professional team at Pearlridge Chiropractic Center are here to bring you back to a healthier lifestyle in Aiea, HI. To make an appointment, give our friendly team a call today.

The professional staff at Pearlridge Chiropractic Center is dedicated to total body wellness. Whether you've suffered an injury, have a chronic painful condition, or are just seeking to maintain your youthful strength and vigor, chiropractic treatment can be the answer for all types of people from all walks of life, with all different problems. A healthy back is strong, flexible and pain-free. It supports the upper body, protects the spinal cord, and allows for maximum mobility. Years of back abuse, such as poor posture, improper lifting, and lack of body conditioning, make the back prone to injury. The lower back is particularly vulnerable; its major weight-bearing joints can be pushed out of alignment with painful results. Using spinal adjustments and other techniques, Dr. Niimoto can treat many common problems:
  • Muscle and ligament sprain 
  • Pelvic joint and ligament sprain 
  • Joint sprain 
  • Muscle imbalances 
  • Slipped disc 
  • Curvature of the spine

Will I need x-rays?

Occasionally, Dr. Niimoto will recommend x-rays or other tests during your first few consultations. If this is the case, we will either perform the x-rays or refer you to a radiology clinic for an appointment at a time that suits you. X-rays can give your chiropractor vital information regarding subluxations and other spinal issues that may require adjustment. 

Detailed reports

At our chiropractic clinic, we work hard to ensure that you get clear and concise information about your spine and the treatment programs we initiate. Dr. Niimoto will provide you with detailed explanation to describe the medicine underlying our procedures and assessments. Please feel free to call our Aiea clinic if you have any questions. 

Your first consultation

During your first visit to our center, Dr. Rex Niimoto DC and the caring staff will talk with you to develop a clear history of your previous health complaints. We will then undertake a thorough examination of your spine and nervous system. The results of this examination will determine how we proceed. We then develop manageable treatment plans to restore the natural alignment and movement of your spine. 
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